Week_4 Forest creation

My main purpose this week is to build a forest scene. Make a scene for the leafy forest in the early period and the deadwood forest at the end of the film.

The most difficult aspect of this photo is figuring out how to employ agents or other techniques to just create a lush forest. My computer configuration is not sufficient to support me in running a big number of models and data calculations due to its age. Before adding leaves, I attempted to model each tree straight in Maya. When there are roughly 20 trees, though, the computer frequently freezes or crashes.

I discovered on the internet that using a C4D plug-in called Forester, I can simply create a vast forest with minimal computer configuration. So I began to experiment.

The initial step is to establish an aircraft, after which you can search the Forester plug-in library for appropriate materials. The second step is to employ the octane render distributor to assist us to turn a single tree into an entire forest. and. To make the tree look more random and less uninteresting, add noise to the OC distribution. This will give the entire forest a more realistic appearance.

The Forester plug-in includes poor texturing. So I went with Quixel Bridge. There are a plethora of high-quality materials to pick from. At the same time, I planted another tree to contribute to the forest’s diversity. Also, two rock elements from Quixel Bridge were chosen and placed in the picture.

I ran the first rendering test after finishing these. However, there was a snag. The image appears to be too quiet. It’s nothing like a forest in real life. To make the image more agile, I added fog and a gentle breeze.

Tutorial for adding wind and fog

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