Ling Cage: Incarnation- week3

Ling Cage is a Chinese animation that launched in 2019. Although its images and characters haven’t reached the level of sophistication of Hollywood or Disney animation, I am still profoundly attracted by it.

The story is about the earth after experiencing a disaster; most of the remaining human beings moved to other planets looking for a new home. The rest of the people had to continue existing in the hostile environment. The story is focused on the small group of people left behind on earth.

What I like about this animation is the worldview, all of the elements like creatures, characters,” MANNA ECOSYSTEM,” and plenty of visual metaphors in this film. And the new laws of human existence were created after the destruction of the earth. How will human beings survive after the destruction of human civilization? What kind of creatures may appear in this land? All of these things that I’m interested in.

After a global earthquake, there is a myriad of underground monsters have been unleashed on the surface. Humanity is almost entirely wiped out. The last remains lives aboard the Lighthouse, a flying fortress. It is the last hope for man to survive on earth

Here is the concept art of the Lighthouse.

However, as the last habitat of human beings, lighthouses are both their homes and their cages. In order to maintain civilization, all interpersonal relationships have been abolished. All individuals live only in function to their role on the Lighthouse hierarchy, being divided into two Classes: Superiors, those who were born with desirable genetic traits, and who are given the most important jobs and best living conditions; and Inferiors, those who were born just as regular people, delegated to the worst living conditions and, “less important” jobs. Only Superiors are given names, while Inferiors are reduced to just to “Worker.”
Designers use costumes and props to differentiate the difference between superiors and inferiors. Senior residents always have powerful weapons and equipment with a blue badge. However, the laborer only has a green work card.

The third area of concern is the design of the “Marna Ecosystem”

  • About workflow

In the early stage of the project, The Studio has been preparing for about a year and a half, from the script, split, concept design to asset production.150 people worked on the project, with about 500 concept designs.

Concept art

Character design

Interior desgin

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