3D Compositing-week5

Last week we roughly completed the creation of the model. The main task this week is 3D Compositing.

Firstly, we got video footage of an abandoned fatory. We need to track this video in Nuke. Then we got a 3D camera trajectory .

From the image, we can saw that the point cloud helped us roughly map out the space of the two rooms. I added a few planes and some cones to this space to help me verify the accuracy of the camera’s trajectory. It also helps me place the model in Maya.

When we import the camera trajectory into Maya, we can place the model we created earlier. Then turn to the camera’s perspective to get the following picture. Be careful not to move the position of the model when placing the model. It will be easier to change the position of the camera.

It is best to use the reference editor when importing the model during the compositing process, which can help us save time and not easily crash the software. When you want to make changes to the model, you only need to change it in another file and then update the reference again. It should be noted that after we reference the model, we cannot make changes to the model in the reference folder.

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