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Houdini-week 3

For this session, we are foucuse on exolodedview.

Making an explosion in Houdini is quite simple. There are two nodes that are important. Pointsfromvolume helps us split the object into points. Explodedview helps us how the final result.

Here is the result of testing on a cube.

Testing on the cabin.

Now we have a simple wooden house. The first step is to use Rdbmaterialfracture nodes to increase the details of the cracks on the cabin.

In general, Pointsfromvolume, Explodedview and Rdbmaterialfracture nodes are the focus of this lesson. But we need more exercises to familiarize ourselves with parameter adjustmen and application of these nodes.


In the first week, we have been introduced the Houdini interface and how to create a basic model in Houdini. As I consider it is mainly to familiarize us with Houdini.

Here is the outcome and nodes structure. Although this result is not very good and simple, this is my first time learning Houdini. I think I will become better and better in the next practices.