Proposals for research- week 2

The use of color by different directors

Color is a vital part of the film; it could help the director expressing their idea and building their style like American director Wes Anderson and Chinese director Wong Kar-Wai. Therefore I want to consider what influences their color style? Do they have different understandings of color in movies? Why and how to use it.

The relationship between Composition and storyline

How the director shapes the story through composition, and whether the audience can feel the director USES’s techniques in the film. Whether they can read the emotions that the director wants to convey.

How does light express the mood of a movie

Light and shadow is a vital way to express the characters’ emotions. All of the films need lighting, no matter black-white or color film. I would like to analyze the different feelings brought by the difference of light to the audience through the two films, the silence of the Lamb and Godfather.

How to control the rhythm in the film

Analyze the use of rhythm in the film and how the director USES these techniques to tell the story.


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