Virtual VFX-Week5

As computer technology changes quite quickly, especially in computer graphics, we see more and more applications of real-time technology, especially when it comes to filmmaking. Recently, there is a new technology gains popularity, which requires almost no post-production. The whole process is on set. It is called ‘virtual production.’

  • Defines of Virtual production

Virtual production combines the live footage with computer graphics at once, which can help the director get real-time feedback on the set.

  • Advantages

reduce cost and time

Helping the director develop their idea smoothly and get feedback immediately, which helps them adjust the frames, actors, costumes, lighting, and blocking so on.

In the past time, the actor needs to be imaginative when they were acting on set. But now, the technology of VP can help them easy to enter the story and situation.

It is a more effective way to make special effects in the film. After the pre-production, the VFX industry might only require adjusting several disharmonious factors or adding detail to make the shot perfectly and in reality. It effectively reduces communication procedures and improves production quality.

  • Disadvantage

The problem with assets. It is a huge work to accumulate assets from delicate models to Hight dynamic-range images. The establishment of a material database is a huge digital project that is not only embracing but can also be retrieved. The project requires continuous investment and construction.

The immature technology might lead to the limitation of the picture quality onset or cause picture delay.

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