Maya-week 2

For this session, we have learned basic rigging techniques in Maya.

Rigging is an essential step in character development and animation. It helps us move the character or objects. To be honest, it is quite complicated for me. For this week, we aim to create a steam engine. Rigging can help us making animation on the objects.

The first step is to create the models.

Then move on to the rigging. Creat locator first as the reference. moving the locator to one side of the handle which is connected with the cog wheel and copy it to the other side. For this step, you have to make sure the locator has been put to the specific point.

The next step is creating a skeleton and adding ikHandle to the skeleton. Changing the IK Handle attributes as sticky. Combine the locator with the skeleton.

Here is the outcome

Overall, rigging is a big challenge for me. To reach the result I have tried the process several times. From the exercise, I have realized that understand the principle is much important rather than just following the steps from the recording.

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