Final Exercise

I made two shots during the holiday and reviewed what I learned last semester. After finished this assignment. I have become more confident in Nuke.

As usual, I denoise the background original video first which is better for me to track in the next steps. and then roto the astronaut as the foreground. for the rotoscoping, I have to be patient and careful to avoid wabbling on the edge. I divided it into three pieces for roto, bag, head as well as the shoulder. And adjust the location for every 10 frames. The final step of rotoscoping is to match the color of the background and foreground.

Another part of the exercise is Clean up and Tracking. The first step is to track the denoised file and create the Matchmove node. Then remove the chimney by using Rotopaint in one frame. Next is to roto this frame and premult as a reference. It worth noting that when you using FrameHold, you have to set the frame that you just changed as the reference frame. Like the image shows. Otherwise, you won’t get the result.

Here is the Process


Shot 2

The macking process is quite similar with the first shot. It aims to make me more familiar with these nodes.



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