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Showreel_term 3


In this term, whether it is a cooperative project or a personal project, I have a deeper understanding of this major. It made me more familiar with the film and television production process.

For personal projects, my main purpose is to consolidate and strengthen the content of the last semester. Make me to be more familiar with the post-production process. From modeling to texturing to compositing. This pratices allowed me to solve many technical problems. Examples include how to create hard surface models in Zbrush, layered rendering in Maya, and texturing. I think these things can make me more confident in my future creations.

For me, the main purpose of the collaborative project is the research on special effects such as smoke particles, as well as the knowledge of what I have learned before. For example, the clean-up, camera tracking and shooting. This is the first time most of us have the shooting experience, so many problems have arisen. For example, we did not carefully consider the final effect of special effects when shooting. Therefore, it is difficult for us to match character actions with the animations of the portal effects. In addition, the lack of preparation of props made it difficult for us to Roto out later. If we use a green screen when shooting, we may be able to create better effects and save a lot of time. But I am very happy to have those kind of experiences. It can help me avoid many problems in my future creations. I am also glad to be able to complete this project with my team members. Diana is a very good leader. In this exercise, she helped me solve many problems.

In general, I have gained a lot this semester. Regardless of the results, I am very happy to have these experiences.