Week 10

This week I finished my 3D composition assignment. Here is the final result. I encountered a lot of difficulties during the final rendering. Some problems have been solved but some problems still exist. In the next semester or when I finish all the assignments of this semester, I will come back to this project again and solve these issues.

Second version I made adjustments to some places.

The first difficulty is that I cannot remove the traces caused by the shadow matte. In the image on the left, you can see two obvious black squares. This is caused by ambient light. I tried many ways to make the screen show only the shadow of the object and not the shadow of the plane. I increased the shadow plane so that its edges do not appear in the picture. This is much better. But this will make the picture darker. I decided to solve this problem in Nuke.

In Nuke, I roto a part of the wall to repair the picture. But in this step, I still did not solve the problem of darkening of the picture. So I used a more clumsy approach to render the darkened background footage again in Maya.

In conclusion, this project gave me a more systematic understanding of special effects production. It may be one of the film production processes. But it let me know how most 3D or special effects shots show the final effect. And how to combine the 3D objects and 2D images together. Of course, I still need a lot of practice and study to control the overall picture. For example, include the adjustment of lights, the binding of bones, and the adjustment of object materials. Maybe in the next semester, I will start another new compositing project. It is used to help me master these contents and learn some other skills.

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