Week-3 Assets Production

After completing the the storyboard last week,. For this week I began to set up the scene and the characters. In terms of roles, I chose to continue to use the robot that I completed last semester. The shape of the character might not change much here, but its material may need to be re-adjusted. Because this time I will use the OC renderer to complete it. All of the material properties need to be re-adjusted.

Last semester I used Maya’s Arnold renderer. Fortunately, there is an option to directly export Arnold materials to MAYA in Substance Painter. The previously exported Arnold material cannot be used in the OC renderer. But substance painter does not have an OC renderer option, so I have to set a setting that can export OC textures. In this way, the texture details of the robot can be better presented in C4D. The more difficult thing is that my computer is too old and there is no way to draw textures of the entire model at the same time. So I can only split the model into different parts and draw them separately.

Fortunately, exporting oc materials in Substance Painter is not very complicated. First create a new preset, and then select Base Color, Height, Metallic and Roughness in the input texture field. Then select ‘Normal OpenGl’ in the conversion texture.

The next step is to link the textures separately in C4D. The next step is to link the textures separately in C4D. Because the material of the metal is quite special, it is necessary to use the diffuse material and the metal material to mix to achieve the effect, so I carried out the material heavy chain according to the scheme in the first image 1.

The next step is to set up the scene. I purchased some models and reconstructed them. This is the initial effect. It’s not ideal, and the picture is simple. The lighting effect is also very general.

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