Maya-week 3 modeling

This week is mainly looking for reference pictures of steam engines and establishing a basic model structure.

At first, I went to the sketchfab website to find my reference model. I prefer this model. Because it looks nice and vintage. For a junior modeler this model is relatively simple to built. There is no complicated structure and movement.

So I start to build my model with the picture above as a reference.

This step of building a model is still a bit difficult for me. I encountered many problems in the process. For example, how to use modeling tools. In the beginning, I was not very familiar with the modeling tools in Maya, and I needed to learning and work at the same time. I found that modeling is a step that requires thinking. Before starting to create a model, we need to think about what steps can make us achieve our goals faster. Whether a cube or a cylinder is more suitable for this model. This can help us save many unnecessary troubles. This week’s work has given me the ability to solve problems independently. Whenever you encounter a problem, go directly to Google or find it on major forums. Many of the above have encountered the same problem as me. Most of them can be solved.

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