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Based on the work of the past few weeks, we each started to follow up on our own parts.

Scene Design

Yann and I set out to design a single building. We took the Overwatch building as a reference and superimposed some repetitive structures on the surface of the building.


And this week I also received a request for special effects production. Shattering, explosion and smoke effects and so on. Jay and I also tried to do some tests during the week. Regarding the effect of the broken mask. I have made many attempts. For the first time, I used the methods I learned in class. Use the Dopnet node to edit the object. There was a problem when entering the node to link the object. No matter how I try, the object cannot appear in the node. Passing detection may be due to errors in the coordinate axis.

So I looked for another way. The result is obtained by solving the two nodes. Compared with the previous method, the steps are not so complicated. But some information is also missing. For example, the edges of the fragments are too flat. But this method is sufficient for our current previs.

Here is the result

Character Design

The character design is basically completed this week.The animation team will perform bone rigging and animation on them next week.


We also found some reference videos from Previs. Maybe the final effect will not be as complete as they are. But we will try our best to get closer to this effect.