Portal creation and test

I started the first portal test after we finished shooting.

According to our concept, I did a test of two versions of the portal. After group discussion. Everyone will prefer the second version. So next I will develop the production plan of the portal in the second version.

For the second version, I decided to use the Turbulence plug-in in C4D to help me complete the production of the portal. In the transmitter, a divergent smoke ring can be obtained by adjusting the turbulence, temperature and density. In order to make it closer to the effect of the portal, rather than just a single-layer ring, I added another ring behind the first ring to make it attractive to the smoke of the first ring.

According to the tested version, we found that the portal did not interact with the surrounding environment and the arch. The portal looks like it is pasted on the screen. It is not very harmonious with the scene. Therefore, ambient light and projection are very important to us. So I imported our footage in the taste. And an arch was created based on the shape. This allows a good interaction between the portal and the arch.

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