Week -9 Final Works

Final result



I am happy to have accomplished this assignment successfully. Even so, it still has a lot of flaws that need to be addressed. But it’s the first time I’ve directed a short film on my own.

In fact, I had already decided before beginning the graduate program that I would need to do a lot of practice in graduate school, and I intend to finish with a short film of my own. I began planning my FMP in my third semester, concerned that I would not be able to complete my objectives on time. As a result, the robot’s production will be completed by the end of the third semester. Then, in the last semester, I concentrated on scene production, and because of my prior expertise, I was able to calmly deal with and solve problems when they arose. This decision appears to be the correct one at the moment. The earlier the activities are planned, the faster the project will be completed.

The rendering of the computer, I believe, is the most challenging aspect of the manufacturing process. I can’t see the entire rendering effect map during the scene construction because my computer configuration is quite outdated and the graphics card is from the GT710 series. It’s not even capable of rendering more than three props. This generated a lot of problems for the production of my short film. I can only render each prop separately, then imagine the final effect of the picture in my head before adjusting the lighting or props. It also made the final render quite challenging for me. Because I have not seen the whole rendering of my picture before the final rendering, many faults are only noticed after the farm has been rendered, and I must then readjust and re-render. Rendering consumes a significant amount of time.

Fortunately, I was able to find answers to most of the problems I ran into while working on the project on the internet. Chris was also quite helpful. The weekly sessions have been really beneficial in completing my job on time. I’m someone who likes to put things off until the final few days, but the weekly meeting forced me to stop this poor behaviour by requiring me to present some fresh progress during the meeting. This will assist me in completing FMP.

Despite the tight time frame, the entire project is solely my responsibility. However, when the final film was released, I felt a feeling of success and was pleased that I had been able to persevere in finishing this endeavour. Even if the voice acting isn’t up to par, the scene and the robot’s model are still riddled with flaws. However, completing this assignment increased my confidence in the VFX profession. And I believe that by starting with a small video, I will be able to produce more and better work. Finally, I’d like to express my gratitude to the professors and classmates for their assistance!

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