Regarding my FMP, my idea is to make a short film like a trailer and apply the knowledge I have learned over the past year to perfect the picture as much as possible. My main goal is the application of CG lighting and environmental design, but also to familiarize myself with the process of post-production. After completing this project, I feel that I can do my job well whether I join the company or as a freelancer.

During the summer vacation, I started to think about my short film story. I wanted a retro science fiction story. Then I found a lot of retro sci-fi movies for example, Metropolis(1927), Ghost in the Shell(1995), Blade Runner(1982), Steamboy(2004) old sci-fi movies. From these movies, I felt the beauty of retro science fiction, and found that science fiction movies do not necessarily need colorful neon lights, minimalist design AI robots to complete. In comparison, I would prefer movie scenes like steampunk or retro science fiction. So I decided to make short films around retro science fiction.

In the production process, I will consider another question. It’s about the use of CG lighting. Sometimes some pictures will create lighting that does not conform to the laws of nature. For example, in the movie Christmas Star, there are some unreasonable lighting. For example, in a natural lighting scene, the shadow and bright and dark parts of all objects should be the same, but in this picture we can see the mountain on the left The light-receiving surface of the character is completely different from the characters. The explanation for this art director Sean Eckols is: because of creating a tense atmosphere to adapt to the story.

So the question I want to think about is whether the use of unreasonable lighting will affect the audience’s feelings and understanding of the story?

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