Last week, the members of our animation team completed the layout based on the storyboard. My main job is to make special effects for some shots based on the layout.

firstly I downloaded the layout_6 file from OneDrive which is the part where I should make special effects. Most of our files are shared with team members through Onedrive. You can download the files you need from the above, or you can update your progress in real-time here.

When I got the shots, I found the camera that needs special effects, and then selected the objects and imported it into Houdini as the Fbx file format. In this way, after we finish the special effects, we can directly import them into Maya without having to make other adjustments to its position and animation. Then all that needs to be done is to import the effect back to Maya as an FBX file. On the basis of the previous week, I adjusted the effect. Make the pieces of the mask bigger. It is more in line with the effect after the mask material is broken and adjust the time when the mask broke. Let the mask shatter after falling, instead of cracking on the face.

Explosion test

Then there is the test of the explosion effect. In the process, I tried several different methods to make it more real. Here is the final result of the test. The first effect looks more like an explosion in the water. The second type of explosion is a bit like a large-scale explosion caused by a missile or a more powerful weapon. The third is our final choice, the explosion effect caused in the fight.

In the process, I found a video that helped us analyze the Pyro node. The impact of different options on the explosion effect.

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